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Hi to all you FAFs - “Fellow Al Fans” - and potential FAFs! It’s been a long time in the making but the time has finally arrived to launch Like Timeless Wine (LTW).

If you’ve stumbled across this website and aren’t yet a diehard FAF, go out and get hold of as many of Al’s recordings as you can. With LTW on tap, too, you can then begin to enjoy the superb material by one of the world’s best songwriters - Al Stewart.

In the near future I shall be adding some more exciting features to LTW including specially prepared music-related stuff. A bit further down the line there will be a follow-up to LTW (LTW2?) reviewing Al’s more obscure unofficial material that hasn’t been released on the mainstream albums.

As someone else once said: watch this space.

For now, happy reading and listening - enjoy!


PS A big thank you to Rex Parker and the guys at Yello for all their help. Also to Mike Grigg for input on the drum parts. Notation software by musicmaster.uk.net