About Like Timeless Wine

I’d like to think if you play an Al Stewart record and you have, like, any desire to get into it in depth, things reveal themselves.” (Al Stewart, interviewed in 2006).

Best known for the 1970s soft-rock classic “Year Of The Cat”, Al’s songs contain many other gems in a career spanning six decades. The variety of his lyrics is matched by an array of musical styles including folk, rock and jazz, with the occasional classical influence thrown in.

Covering all of Al’s releases from his time as a London “folkie” to the sophisticated songs of the present day, Like Timeless Wine is a comprehensive review of more than 270 songs including bonus tracks and unofficial material. With analysis and commentary on the words, music, production and arrangements, Like Timeless Wine details the composer, the key, duration and date of release where known. Appendices set out many fascinating facts about the songs, and sometimes surprising statistics.

Photographs appear where relevant, and music NOTATION of points referred to in the text is included for those who can read music.

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All photographs in the Photo Quiz © Rick Martyn 2013.  Preview photograph: “Market stalls in Morocco” - author: Alexandr Dmitri, 1st February 2010.